Time and Space

Time and Space

This post is part of the online discussion group hosted by Kate Motaung On Being a Writer. Organizing space and schedule to facilitate writing is the subject of the day.  The book On Being a Writer:12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts, by  Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig is the starting point for the discussion. Chapter two entitled,”Arrange” is the catalyst. 

  • There are two basic parts to this topic: space and schedule. I have space addressed. I now have a private study in which to write. I write while sitting in a chaise so that I can keep my feet elevated. I have my file box handy, a printer and a writing desk that I cannot really use. If I am able to work sitting with my feet on the floor again the desk will be useful. 
  • My space is adequate. The lighting is good. My problem is that I get bad migraines whenever I use my old pc-based laptop. I do all my writing on my iPad. Alas, it is now four years old and slowing me considerably. I will have to look into an upgrade in the future. This week I need to move my modem and router. Before I had my study I worked on a different floor and they were perfectly placed. My neighbor must have placed a router in the house next-door closer than my own router since their signal is now drowning out my signal. On Monday I had to write and post my piece entirely on my phone as I could not get a signal.  This week I am moving my equipment.
  • My greatest challenges to effective writing time are my health constraints and the fact that I spend a considerable amount of the time that I am able to be active driving my family and myself to a steady stream of doctors. The blessing of mobile devices is that they are portable and I can put waiting room time to good use. Scheduling all that I need to accomplish around P.O.T.S. limitations is constraining.
  • Since the difficulty increases the longer I have been up, morning is my most effective time. I start each day by 7 am, but I am going to try to consistently move that up to 6 am. The possible complication is being able to drive to and from afternoon appointments after I have been up that long. Perhaps I will need to start earlier still to ensure a rest before attempting afternoon appointments. 
  • I am committed to a minimum of 30 minutes of uninterrupted time per day. I have long scheduled writing for after dinner. It fits the schedule, but I am often foggy and unable to see clearly in the early evening. The schedule is a work-in-progress. What time of day do you write? Are you a morning or evening person? How do you get family to give you uninterrupted writing time? As long as I multitask my writing is respected and even admired, but as soon as I ask everyone to leave me alone, I am frequently accursed of being rude. 

2 thoughts on “Time and Space

  1. Thank you for sharing how you arrange a time to write. I usually write in the evening after my children are in bed, but occasionally I write in the mornings. I also write uninterrupted by writing when most of my family is sleeping. I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I am so much a morning person. Once the kids are asleep, I am close to follow! It look like you are doing a great job arranging your space and time! Joining you from Kate’s discussion group!

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