How I Need a Poem Today

This post is part of the series 31 Days 2015 exploring a fresh look @ Simple Things.

Sometimes you just need a poem. Poetry encapsulates the human experience in a suscint manner. A poem will remind you of what it is to be human, unique and corporate simultaneously. Some days I really need the reminder.

How I  need a poem todayimage

For I am feeling very…grey,

And brown, black and even-blue

But, this day will be over very soon.

And tomorrow is a brand-new day image

With every promise of joy to stay.

So, I’ll not let the faded color

Of one dull day leave me sullen.

Poetry can grace a life

In both times of peace but, also strife.

Lack of courage shan’t be found here.

I’ll not be disgruntled or dragging drear.

For I am blessed most plentifully

So I will not lack jollity.

I find joy in my faith

Knowing I always live in grace.

Grace on glorious goldenrod, maples and hay.

Even on the dull-grey days

That fade each life some step of the way.

Oh, how I need a poem today!



Welcome to this pilgrim journey through life with me. I am so glad you could join me. Too often it seems that adventure takes place only in the movies, but when we consider carefully, a Christian life is an adventure. We know where we are headed and we know why we are on this road. So join me in finding the adventure in everyday life. Let’s encourage one another in the Word, and find the larger purpose in the mundane of ordinary life.