Storm at Sea

Storm at Sea

Psalms 73:26
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Another translation for “strength of my heart” is rock. God is indeed the rock my life needs to be built upon. If I let the lovely seashore lull me into complacency I may be tempted to build parts of my life upon sand. “Sandy” recently reminded us how secure houses on the sand are. Houses far from the shore we picked up and pushed over in the winds of the hurricane. If I let my ambitions or talents become my foundation, I too will eventually blow over.

Sometimes we feel torn between what seems beautiful and what is really lovely in God’s sight. A home right next to the sea may have a stunning view. But when the winds come are the windows hurricane proof? An outfit may make the most of our curves, but is it appropriate, for one who wants others to see Christ when they look at her, to wear?

In the very midst of these doubts come today’s verse from Psalm 73:26. Though my understanding is limited, my heart and my flesh will fail, yet God is my strength and rock. I do not know why the pieces of my life don’t always fit neatly together. I do, however, know where to turn for the roadmap. The Word of God is the ultimate GPS system. If I spend enough time with Him, in the end I do find my way back to my rock and my strength.

When I have doubts about the course of the day that is when I need to squeeze in some Bible reading and prayer. This morning the alarm did not sound. It flashed red in silence as I slept. I awoke to the realization that all my carefully laid plans were in ruins. It bears no comparison to a hurricane, but my own agenda had been blown seriously off course.

There were two options: I could jump up and rush like a whirlwind that would likely leave my home and family in chaos and try to regain the lost time or I could take time to pray and care for my home and pets as I had planned. Rearranging the days schedule took some faith and determination, but as it turned out, I was able to help get meals off to the shut-ins at my Church because I lost an hour.

I still have not caught up with my lost at sea day. It currently stretches before me an endless storm-tossed ocean. What to make for dinner is more problematic than I would like. Alternatively, I am grateful that God, my rock and foundation, enabled me to be a small part in others receiving a hot dinner on a bitter cold day.

My portion will never fail me. I will make and serve my family a hot and nutritious dinner, I took time to pray with my octogenarian father, and I even squeezed out some bagging of meals for other seniors. God’s ways are not our ways. His ways are better.