I don’t fit into my life. By which I mean that my spirit doesn’t fit into the life my body dictates. If you have ever experienced medical grade compression stockings you have a metaphor for my life. Technically I know it must fit, but squeezing myself into it is a struggle.

I don’t have the temperament to sit and watch television for any period of time. If I could sit back with my feet up and just mindlessly watch it I would fit perfectly into my physical abilities. When I do watch television I’m always doing something else at the same time. I reserve it for late at night or when I’m very sick. There are too many things that I want to get done so I knit, or plan, or groom my dog while watching tv.

The verse for today is from St. Paul’s second extant letter to the Corinthians chapter 12 verse 9

my grace is sufficient for you

this is one of the most powerful passages St. Mark’s epistles for me. I struggle to accept that His grace is enough. I know that I am saved by grace alone and that I do not add anything to it. I cannot add anything to my salvation with works. What I struggle with is the practice of accepting whatever He gives. I confess to struggling with wanting more. I want more to be done. I want to do more. I -I -I. That’s the problem.

His grace-is enough. Enough. I don’t know that I have made peace with enough. I always want more. How is it that I cannot allow the one who knows everything to decide when enough is enough? Today I am working on learning enough.

Hikanos Greek adverb, meaning enough or sufficient is the word I struggle with. God is large enough. Why should I struggle with a simple statement like that? Some synonyms for sufficient according to Merriam-Webster are competent, adequate or enough to meet the needs. how could God not be adequate to meet my needs?

God’s grace is sufficient. I stand here. And I rest here. His grace is enough.