We are nearing the end of the 31 Days series. I am sorry that yesterday’s post did not make it up on time. My internet reception was down last evening. So, today you receive the one that I thoughtfully prepared yesterday and a lighthearted one for today as well. Fall is more than a month old and it is time to think of the wind and boots. One is serious and the other is silly. I hope you have some fun with the one below.


I live in a lovely locale, where four beautiful seasons provide variety. We are blessed with enough precipitation to keep the spring and summer green. I even enjoy  winter snow. Mud does not strike me as propitious. As the leaves tumble-down and the temperatures drop I have pulled my boots out of summer slumber. I have not needed boots, but I can wear the cute boots once again.

Today I sported black riding-boots trimmed with ruffles. The leaves all covering the ground prevented me from stepping in any unpleasantness, but just under the carpet of gold in my driveway I noticed something I forgot about. Mud was just underneath.

Somehow, I forgot about the nature of the beast. I was remembering snow and cooler weather. I had utterly mislaid the main reason why boots are useful. Mud comes out as the grass and weeds lose their lush summer growth.

For all its’ sticky, ugliness mud does serve a purpose. It is a reminder that the ground is soft and workable. Farmers will need to plow their fall fields. There are cool weather crops that need moisture to grow. I could focus my attention on the ugly since it doesn’t serve me. I find it hard to find  very much comfort. I don’t have a farm. But then I remember, that boots will prevent the worst of the mud.

They used to say that even the darkest rain-cloud has a silver lining. No matter how sticky the mud, it won’t pull the cute boots off your feet.