Christians are commissioned to tell the Good News of God coming in human form to save us. The ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ transformed the world and changes how we walk-not by sight, but faith. Telling the story of salvation can become easy. Telling the truth about the pain of life is often very difficult.

i have not written much lately. In a period of transition, i find that i have more questions than answers. For some reason, it is much harder for me to share the questions. My life has been happier this past year than at any time in my life. That sounds like good news, and it is. candle-1803142_1280

Simultaneously, i have been deeply aware of the flaws in my own philosophical framework. 

Some new books have thrown down the gauntlet on my construct. I favored strength, knowledge, competency, and passion, but i was reminded of the values of truth, humility, and silence.

As i excavate the foundations of my worldview and try to ensure that it is solid, i have found cracks formed by the modern moral order and Post-Christian worldview that were integrated into my education.

This is a time to edit my life.

i need to speak the truth in love. i do not have all the answers. There are days when i have more questions than answers. What i do know is the One who has all the answers. Knowing, in this case, is nondiscursive knowledge. I know because i have spent time in His presence, worshipped Him in spirit and truth, and felt His love overflow in my heart.

Tell the truth-the whole truth. We are all pilgrims. We have humble questions. We need some silence.


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