Do Not Try to Be All Things

Do Not Try to Be All Things

O sorry soul, serenely rest
Again in peaceful, untroubled breast.
May the weary world no longer inspire
Inner-conflict, strife and troubled mire.
Wend your way, O heavy heart,
Back to center, back to start.
Give the pain and worry to God
And let Him carry the baggage odd,
Heavy and too much for you.
Let Him do what only He can do.
Do Not Try to Be All Things.
You are not an angel equipped with wings.
Do the best that you can do
Then lay it down and know you’re through.
Next go on to something more.
Keep on opening brand-new doors.
Don’t stand still and worry today
Over what you failed at yesterday.
Keep your eyes on what’s ahead.
Never fear the past, or dread
That you aren’t doing all you should.
Only try to do what’s good
And leave all the rest to Christ.
To Him be the glory.
From Him comes the might.

When asked by Moses for His name The Lord answers I AM. He is present tense. He is. He is all things. Why do I try to “be” all things? Why do I unknowingly try to satisfy everyone? Long ago God spoke these words into my heart. More than a decade later I still need to learn the message. Today I affirm again that God. Is. Enough. I am enough because I am His.


5 thoughts on “Do Not Try to Be All Things

  1. Amy, this is not only beautifully written and expressed, it is also just what I needed to hear and such an encouragement to my weary heart! Bless you for your faithfulness. 🙂 x

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