Why I Need a Savior

Why I Need a Savior

There are endless reasons why I need Jesus, but this morning I had a running tirade in my head that was stopped in it’s tracks by the thought, “Wow, this is why I need a Savior.”

It was potato salad.

There is tremendous variety in potato salad recipes. Each family seems to have their own variation. When I actually met someone who made “our” potato salad I was left wondering if somewhere in the midst of history we were related.

We make such a simple potato salad. Just potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise, celery, onion, celery salt and salt. Those are the only ingredients. It was one of the first recipes I learned as a child.

This year I decided to simplify. I recognized that early in Advent that I could not get it all done. So I cut back to the basics. My mother made potato salad every Christmas Eve so she would have it ready to serve with the Christmas ham. This could be the year I follow in her footsteps and not spend all day Christmas alone-in the kitchen.

Christmas dinner would be baked ham, potato salad, a steamed vegetable and raspberry cheesecake bars. I planned it weeks ahead. I make a menu each week and from that menu a grocery note to take shopping. I bought potatoes, onion, made sure I had plenty of mayonnaise, and celery salt. I thought I had celery left in the crisper drawer from last week’s roasted vegetables.

Somehow. I cannot fathom the reason. Today. Christmas Day. Yesterday was too busy. Today, I find carrots in the crisper drawer. I have no celery!

My thoughts run wild. I have ruined the potato salad. Carrots cannot be substituted for celery in potato salad. Christmas dinner is ruined. I have failed my family. I could not even do one thing right.

The word right is an ugly word for me. I define it as completely correct. I never seem to get anything right.

I am fatally flawed. I am hopelessly bound by sin and mistakes. I try with all my being to do right. Yet I cannot produce perfection in anything. I ought to be able to do some small things right.

Who will save me from my brokenness? Only He whose birth we celebrate today. How can I ruin Jesus’ birthday? Does He care if there is celery in my potato salad?

God was born. He took on our flesh and brokenness. He became one of us to save us. He saved us from the accuser. The evil one tried to destroy my Christmas joy by convincing me that I had ruined Christmas by forgetting to buy celery.

I need a Savior because even on such a holy day I am so easily led astray.

Eve may have fallen over an apple, but today I fell over celery.



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